Strange Clothings from The Past

Our modern choice of clothing is influence with the current fad and fashion. We clothe ourselves in a way that we’d look presentable and confident. Of course there are plenty of choices for fashion nowadays- both liberating and conservative. But despite of the huge transformation on fashion, one definite truth is that it all originates on the primeval times.

But then, some of ancient trends are questionable to us as modern people since we find the ancient choice of clothing too strange for wearing.  Future generations might also have the same impression towards today’s fashion.

Some old fashions are too strange that you’d either find it humorous or amazing.

1. Executioner’s Hood

Talking about an executioner- what usually comes into our mind is a man wearing a beast mask. In fact, this particular image becomes so iconic that it even appears in pop culture even though we’ve already terminated the process of decapitating the condemned. Ironic to the usual perception, the hood is not a usual thing. Nevertheless, we can’t charge the people who wear it because executioners usually see themselves shirked by the community.

2. Capirote

Spanish flagellants as well as the religious activists wear capirote even though it appears weird and bumpy in them. They wear the capirote to illustrate piousness.  On the other hand, capirote was worn for grimmer intentions. Sentenced prisoners wear capirote. People who are condemned with inquisition are also obliged to wear the capirote to emphasize themselves as the subject of disgrace.

3. Leper’s Clothes


Lepers carried it rough. They were shirked by the community as they walk wearing the special clothes along with the ringing bells. Leper’s clothes are linked to death and illnesses. It maybe an unjust relation- many lepers go through smallpox or eczema.  Many people believe that leprosy is a curse of the Almighty.

4. Grotesque Visors

Grotesque visors are often worn by the medieval warfare for festivals and parades. Certain kind of visors was intended to be the comic strips of the person at the back of the mask.

5. Gas Masks

Gas masks are linked to the terrors of World War I; however they had not closely perfected yet the technology. It was the original period of history wherein gas masks are produced massively. Given the fact that animals are often used in front, the gas masks were created to lead the front liners in a basic model.

6. Monk Robes

Monk robes are simple.  They were supposed to symbolize modesty and piousness. But rather than perceiving its typical illustration, some people found it frightening. Perhaps it’s the sober chants of the monks which provide the robe the negative image.

7. False Face Society

Iroquois medicinal community wears their masks during their rituals for healing, seemingly with the scaring intention of the ill patient. The better your knowledge grows about these masks, the more stranger it would appear to you. They were engraved from live trees because of the perception that these trees symbolize the living spirit. Majority of the Iroquois condemned the exhibition or selling of False Face masks.

8. Traditional African Masks

Africa is abundant in history. Their culture is also large wherein people can dig for their traditions and habits- not to mention that they also use strange masks.  Although its part of Africa’s habit, anyone caught wearing these masks outside of the ritual is deemed to be a killer.  During the primeval days, the creation of these masks is prestigious. They differ greatly in style throughout the continent.

9. Scold’s Bride

Scold’s bride is considered to be a device for medieval humiliation. It is commonly used to women who were condemned of witchcraft or even just the simple charges of annoyance or being loud. The chain permitted the men, at times the husband to scold, to head them to the town to be humiliated and beaten. The tongue of the wearer was pushed down through the use of spiked plate, which made it not possible for them to eat and talk.

10. Plague Doctor Uniform

Plague doctors objectively wore the uniform because of the perception that their uniform can offer them guidance and protection as they were attending to patients. Nevertheless we really don’t give a thing as to whatever the doctor shares to you- any person wearing the mask is bound to kill you. Instead, we would instead grab the opportunity with the curse than being cured with a human hybrid or freakish bird. Even the people from the same era are truly frightened of this mask. Other than the very evident weird factor, watching anyone strolling in the city was a symbol that the quantity of body was bound to grow bigger.  There was a definite reason why they wore the bird mask- definitely it was not because they were proto-cosplayers. The beak can be occupied with herbs or flavoured flowers in the perception that stinking scents were one method the curse is transmitted.