20 Real Life Human Cannibals

Human cannibals, where we often seen and thought to have been only happening in movies, and cannibalism, where we actually or generally refer to animals, are real and that people who eats human flesh truly exist.

1. Ratu Udre Udre – Fiji

believed to have eaten 872 up to 999 people

Udre Udre was tagged as the number one human cannibal. It was believed to have eaten 872 up to 999 people. Based on the testimony of Udre Udre’s son, the Rakiraki chief often proceeds to the combat zone along with his father. They would give him each body part of the casualties, particularly their heads. Udre Udre kept the flesh for his consumption. Udre-Udre believed that immortality will be granted to him once he gets through the 1000th body.

2. Ottis Toole – United States

Lucas in doing the 108 killings

Toole submitted himself in cannibalism. He admitted to accompany Lucas in doing the 108 killings. On the 15th of September 1996, Toole lost his life in prison due to liver failure.

3. Fritz Haarmann – Germany

Lucas in doing the 108 killings

Haarmann was tagged as human cannibal when he was involved into 24 killings during the periods 1918 to 1924. He would tempt men for sex and bring to his apartment. His victims were killed by biting them in the throat. His victims were seen dismembered, since part of their body was already eaten. Haarmann was eventually apprehended. He admitted his actions. He was found guilty and was sentenced with death penalty.

4. Alexander Spesivtsev – Russia

killed his girlfriend which brought him to conviction

Spesivtsev was exposed to a violent environment. He killed his girlfriend which brought him to conviction – leading him to psychiatric institution, but was later on freed. Year 1991, he started killing children whom he thought were not fit to the society. The bodies of his victim were brought to his house. The flesh was cooked and eaten, with the assistance of Lyudmila, Spesivtsev’s mother. Police eventually captured Spesivtsev and was put to a psychiatric institution.

5. Yoo Young-chul – South Korea

seen to do violent acts, as he killed dogs and disfigured animals

Young-chul was seen to do violent acts, as he killed dogs and disfigured animals.  During the periods of 2003 and 2004, Young-chul killed 21 people. He murdered these people with the use of a hammer. He decapitated his victim and simply leaves the head in the construction site. He ate the flesh of his victims. On the 19th of June 2005, he was sentenced with death and still in the line of death row.

6. Enriqueta Marti – Spain

performing witch-doctor and utilized the remains of victims

Marti was performing witch-doctor and utilized the remains of victims in making remedies. With children in prostitution, Marti used every significant part of their body – bones, blood, and hair. Human meats were also turned into black market drugs and food which rich people were fan of buying. Eventually, Marti was arrested. Just a year and few months after his arrest, Marti was killed by her prison mates.

7. Dorangel Vargas – Venezuela

strange behaviour – the habit of eating human flesh

Vargas had this strange behaviour – the habit of eating human flesh. Vargas confessed that he already made 10 killings of men and ate their flesh. Through an interview, Vargas expressed his passion in eating human flesh, identifying his favourite body parts and which ones are unacceptable to him.

8. John Bunting and Robert Wagner – Australia

they cannibalized the body of David Johnson

The gruesome even happened in 2005, when John Bunting and Robert Wagner performed cannibalism. They cannibalized the body of David Johnson. Accomplice James Vlassakis confessed that they lacerated the body of Johnson to ensure its fitting with the barrel. He added that they also ate the flesh.

9. Ozgur Dengiz – Turkey

already imprisoned for killing his friend

At the young age of 17, Dengiz was already imprisoned for killing his friend. Three years after spending his life in prison, Dengiz was freed. On the 5th of June 2007, Dengiz murdered Sedat Erzurumlu, who ignited his anger by telling him that he can’t afford to get himself a laptop. Three months after, Dengiz killed another man. Just few hours after, he killed a municipal worker, whose corpse was skinned and flesh eaten. The rest of his flesh was placed in a certain bag.

The corpse was left in Mamak Dump. Dengiz stored the flesh in refrigerator. Police eventually captured Dengiz.

10. Nikolai Dzhumagaliev – Soviet Union

eradicate the existence of prostitution and started to kill women

Dzhumagaliev was determined to eradicate the existence of prostitution and started to kill women. He would normally tempt his victims into a dim place and would them there and lacerate them with the use of an axe. Some parts of the body are cooked and eaten by Dzhumagaliev, and were also served to his acquaintances during parties. His killings were discovered when he invited acquaintances into his house. Two drunk men saw decapitate head of a woman along with intestines in the refrigerator. Dzhumagaliev was said to be insane and was brought to a mental institution. Year 1989, Dzhumagaliev escaped and remained free until 1991. Having to serve 10 years, Dzhumagaliev was taken out from the institution.

11. Tsutomu Miyazaki – Japan

intake the blood of his victims and consumed their limbs

Miyazaki was born premature, with deformed hands. To correct his hands, Miyazaki moved his forearm. With his strange condition, Miyazaki was ignored in his school. During the periods of 1988 and 1989, Miyazaki disfigured and murdered 4 young girls. Miyazaki intake the blood of his victims and consumed their limbs. On one of his killings, Miyazaki was captured by the policemen. Miyazaki was punished with death penalty.

12. Joachim Kroll – Germany

involved in many killings

Kroll was involved in many killings. He normally does sexual acts on his victim’s body, disfigured it as he cut it into pieces for his consumption. On the 3rd of July 1976, Kroll was apprehended because of killing a 4-year old girl.

13. Jose Luis Calva – Mexico

police saw Calva consuming human meat

Calva had traumatic experiences – sexual abuse and his father died. Police came to Calva’s residence, aiming to apprehend him for the sudden fading of Alejandra Galeana, Calva’s girlfriend. Getting into the house of Calva, police saw Calva consuming human meat. They also saw the disfigured body of Galeana. Remains were in refrigerator. Pan was filled with human flesh. Calva attempted to escape but failed. He was sentenced to be imprisoned in 84 years. December 2007, Calva was found dead by hanging.

14. Jarno Elg – Finland

greatly influenced with Satanism

Elg was said to be greatly influenced with Satanism. It was on 21st of November 1998, when Elg got into the residence of an unknown man. Along with his 3 accessories, Elg throttled the man and led the man to death. Several parts of the man’s body were taken by the group and were used for satanic ritual. Authorities started to investigate the case when they found a leg, decapitated, at one dump site. Police tracked the location of Elg. The group was sentenced because of their gruesome act.

15. Peter Bryan – England

killing of Nisha Sheth forwarded him to the Rampton Secure Hospital

The admittance of Bryan to the killing of Nisha Sheth forwarded him to the Rampton Secure Hospital. Years after his killing, psychiatrists remarked on Bryan’s condition saying that the first have shown significant development in his mental shape and recommended to place Bryan into a more sovereign environment. Bryan was identified to attack a young girl, and so he was moved to a psychiatric ward located at the Newham General Hospital. February 2004, Bryan sneaked out from his unit and cannibalized Brian Cherry who was known to be his friend. Cherry was hammered by Bryan many times.

Nicola Newman, a friend of Cherry, shared statement by saying that she went to the flat of Cherry during the night he was killed. She saw Peter Bryan with a knife, where the latter said that Brian is already dead. She hardly believed Bryan until she saw the body of Cherry with his legs and arms already separated. Police came to the crime scene. They saw human flesh cooked in a pan. Bryan admitted that he killed Cherry and consumed his brain along with butter.

16. Matej Curko – Slovakia

one of the ordinary people living in Slovakia

Matej Curko seemed to be one of the ordinary people living in Slovakia. Nobody had the hint that this man is capable of doing horrible action. One Swiss contacted the policemen in summer 2011. He mentioned that Curko was trying to force him to do suicide and get into cannibalism through Internet. Police acted on the report and generated a trap to Curko, where an agent presented as a potential victim.

Police came to the scene, but Curko attempted to fight and pulled out his gun. Sniper shot Curko several times. He was still brought to the hospital but still died. Police searched the house of Curko, where they found collected parts of the body in the fridge. Curko was keeping the flesh for his consumption.

17.  Leonarda Cianciulli – Italy

she killed 3 women – all are violently killed

Literally, Cianciulli was a disturbed woman. She got pregnant 17 times but was not able to pursue 3 of which due to miscarriage. Her 10 children died while young. Cianciulli learned that his son will be joining the Italian army for the World War II. Cianciulli perceived that his son’s safety can be ensured if she makes human sacrifices. She killed 3 women – all are violently killed, whose blood and other parts are used to create foods and soaps.

18. Tarrare – France

eat anything that is available in the house – meats, pets, etc.

Tarrare had this strange condition where his longing for food is so large that he would even eat anything that is available in the house – meats, pets, etc. His parents renounced him because of this. On his 20’s, Tarrare captures live animals for meal, eat stuffs from garbage piles, even swallow stones and corks or even whole apples. His strange ability became the concern of the government and so he was put into medical experiments. Tarrare submitted himself into tests hoping that his case can be treated, however it failed. During his stay at the hospital, Tarrare would slip out and hunt entrails. He went into drinking the blood taken from patients and robbed corpses. Later, Tarrare was taken out from the hospital. Tarrare showed up again in 1978 with serious tuberculosis. He died and found out that his stomach, liver, and gallbladder were peculiarly huge.

19. James Douglas – Scotland

capable of doing brutal acts

James Douglas was the son of the second of Duke of Queensberry. A person perceived him as imbecile and is capable of doing brutal acts. Due to these characteristics, Douglas was locked from childhood. The signing of the Act of Union happened in 1707 – this was then when Scotland and England were brought in one monarch. Occupied with commotion, the young Douglas was able to make his escape. He headed in the kitchen of the house and killed a youthful servant. Report states that young Douglas roasted the servant alive. Douglas was captured but was able to eat portions of the servant’s body. The action labelled the young Douglas as “The Cannibalistic Idiot”.

20. Vince Weiguang Li – Canada

stabbing the asleep passenger in the chest and neck, until he beheaded

Li was born in China but immigrated in Canada which later on made him Canadian citizen. July 30, 2008, nigh time, Tim McLean was riding in a bus, together with other passengers. One of the passengers was Li. Witnesses stated that while McLean fell asleep in the bus, Li pulled out a big knife and started stabbing the asleep  passenger in the chest and neck, until he beheaded the passenger.  Other passengers were in horror as Li even displayed the head of McLean.

Several times, Li would go back to the murdered body and eat the flesh. The event took hours until policemen came. Li was handcuffed. Police discovered some body parts in his pocket. Li pleaded not responsible for the killing because of insanity. Li was remanded to mental health provision where he stays up to these days.

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