10 Weird Medical Cases

1. David Vetter’s SCID Case

Severe Combined Immune Deficiency Syndrome (SCID)

David Vetter suffered from a strange disease named Severe Combine Immune Deficiency syndrome (SCID), literally affecting his life. From then, Vetter was isolated, spent almost his entire life in a sterilized, bubble-shaped cocoon. Medical experts considered doing bone marrow to Vetter even though there was not exact match yet for the patient. Although the transplant was done successfully, Vetter has to be taken out from his cocoon for treatment because he was rigorously ill. Sadly, 15 days right after the transplant, the boy died.

2. Alexis St. Martin’s Case

Illustration of Dr. William Beaumont Inserting Tube In Alexis St. Martin’s Torso

Marvellous finding was made because of a terrifying encounter.  Alexis St. Martin was shot accidentally and it was Dr. William Beaumont who came to his rescue. St. Martin’s wound was serious as it broke his ribs and broke open his abdomen. Although his prediction for St. Martin is severe, Beaumont did not give up in treating the latter. Luckily, the wound was cured; however, hole (fistula) was structured in St. Martin’s stomach. Because there was a limited study about digestion process during that time, Beaumont took this opportunity to broaden his learning. Beaumont drooped different pieces of intake into St. Martin’s fistula, and recorded their respective digestion rates, and obtained gastric juice vials directly from St. Martin’s stomach.

3. Nguyen Thi Phuong’s Rapid Aging Case

Nguyen Thi Phuong at her 20’s

A young woman at her 20’s, named Nguyen Thi Phuong, suffered from rapid aging. It all started when she treated her rigorous allergic reaction towards seafoods. Pharmacy drugs were able to help her in stopping the itchiness, although hives remained. She then tried traditional medications. Hives were eliminated, only to notice that her skin is also rapidly aging. Several theories were made to explain Phuong’s condition. Some says that her condition was caused by too much medicine that contains corticosteroids.

4. Dhranraj Wadile’s Excess of Kidney Stones Case

Dr. Ashish Rawandale-Patil and Dhranraj Wadile

Dhranraj Wadile underwent a medical procedure as he suffered from a severe pain due to the abnormality of the position of his kidney. The extraordinary number of kidney stones has made the surgery even more difficult.

5. Lightning Flowers Case

Lightning Flowers Marks

Named after German physicist Georg Christoph Lichtenberg, the Lightning flowers follow a skin pattern and appears reddish. Normally, the appearance can stay for some hours, or can even last for several days, before the markings are completely vanished. Regardless of its existence, there was no definite explanation yet as to what causes these markings.

6. Twinkle Dwivedi of India’s Blood, Sweat and Tears

Twinkle Dwivedi of India Sweating and Crying with Blood

A strange condition existed to Twinkle Dwivedi of India. As a matter of fact, the girl became known because of her strange ailment. She bleeds of her own volition through the skin or right on any of her body parts. The bleeding may even happen 20 times a day, and she doesn’t feel any pain at all. Many theories were brought to explain the condition of Dwivedi. Some experts explained that the condition is a manifestation of hematohidrosis or Type II von Willebrand disease.

7. Feng Fujia’s Tooth in Nose Case

X-ray of Feng Fujia

A private individual of China, Feng Fujia, blew the doctors by surprise as they have learned that his difficulty in breathing was rooted by a tooth which grows in the inner part of the nostrils. This condition put Fujia into awkward association with co-workers and friends as his nose is becoming too smelly. Luckily, patient was rescued with a medical treatment where the misplaced tooth has been removed.

8. Stephen Mabbutt Superior Canal Dehiscence Case

Stephen listening to his own eyeballs moving around their sockets

Stephen Mabbutt found glory in this kind of medical approach. Mabbutt experienced a peculiar disease which caused him to listen to his eyeball’s movement around their sockets. The disease is named Superior Canal Dehiscence Syndrome (SCDS) and would result patient to the insufficiency or thinning of a particular bone of the inner ear, because of physical trauma or corrosion of the bone. Some manifestations of this condition are represented by the following: headaches, Tullio phenomenon, and hearing noises which are body-generated abnormally piercing in the problematic ear.

9. Baroness Murphy Cello Scrotum Hoax Case

“Cello Scrotum” is an unreal disease and that its introduction to public was mainly a hoax

In was in year 2009 when Baroness Murphy gave a statement pertaining to the cello scrotum. Murphy confessed that “cello scrotum” is an unreal disease and that its introduction to public was mainly a hoax. The story was initiated from the phenomenal “guitar nipple”, said to be a skin disease triggered by the guitar soundbox pushed against the female breast, who plays guitar. Murphy came up with a write up which explains another condition- of similar condition, named as the “cello scrotum”, but at this instance, the cello body infuriating the scrotum. Regardless of the doubtfulness; the write up was still brought out. Thirty four years from then, BMJ by the doctors stated that “cello scrotum” is an existing condition.  The trick went a long way until Murphy came out, explaining that their claim was just a hoax.

10. Marcia Munro’s Fecal transplant

Marcia Munro of Toronto, Canada, underwent a medical procedure involving receiving fecal enemas to treat her intestinal condition.

An out of the ordinary approach to cure problem on intestine is called Fecal transplant. This procedure is conducted to patients who are affected with the so called Clostridium difficult (C. Difficult). C. difficult is an intestinal superbug. It is mostly present among treating establishments such as the hospital. It can lead patients to experience colitis or chronic diarrhea, not to mention that it also creates other manifestations for the inconvenience of the patients. Patient is firstly introduced to a conservative treatment in the form of antibiotic, but in the case that this approach will not work effectively in eliminating the bug, he’ll then place to a fecal transplant. How Fecal Transplant is done?

First, there should be a potential donor- of healthy status and condition. Stool samples shall be taken from the donor and shall undergo thru a screening to make sure that the donor is safe from any diseases such as the H.I.V. If passed, feces shall be mixed to saline and will be managed to a liquid injection into the rectum. Good bacteria taken from the feces of a healthy donor prospers in the human intestine. Throughout the process, the bug is also eliminated.